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WordPress makes it easy for just about anyone to build an awesome looking website. But building a site is just a small part of digital marketing. There’s an actual science behind wording and placement. We’re a team dedicated to learning the science of conversion and we’d like to share that knowledge with you.

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Our sites use a custom WordPress platform with flexible  layouts that we can scientifically test to get you more leads.

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Testing for the WIN

Most digital marketing strategies are based on a series of guesses. You have to guess what Headline pulls best, what hero image most clearly portrays your value, what menu options increase user experience and which Calls-To-Action will get you more leads.

We have run over 1,500 Scientific A/B Split-Tests on websites to learn what works to turn a browser to a lead. Even more importantly, we’ve learned there’s no silver bullet. The same “best practices” don’t work for every site which is why we test, learn and then apply the results for you.

Meet the team

“There is no such thing as an expert marketer. Just experienced marketers and expert testers.”

Bryan Trilli

Commander Leader Guy

Bryan has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University where he was taught to design systems and processes that help FIND and then SOLVE problems, which is a perfect fit for the data-intensive world of digital marketing.

Anastasia Fediaeva

Captain Annie

Anastasia attained a BS in International Economic Relations from Moscow State University of International Relations and MS in Market research and Consumer Behavior from IE Business School, Spain. By now she has also got several Google certifications and is in the process of getting certified by Facebook as a Marketing Science Professional.

Greg Trilli

Mind Worm/Tricky Fingers

Greg attained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. While in college, he worked at Pointwise Inc. in Ft Worth, TX. They developed a grid generation program which is used to help engineers solve fluid dynamics problems.

Chuck Mailen

Code Monkey

The Code Monkey started doing web development back in ’94 and remembers when Yahoo was just a list of cool sites a couple guys put up. In the last 20+ years he’s built more sites than he can count and has had the privilege of working with some truly brilliant minds... so brilliant it's almost like they have super powers.

Marque Denysschen

Undercover pharmaceutical agent

Marque brings a unique and important perspective to Optimized Marketing with his degree in Microbiology from UT-Arlington. After all, the scientific method is just as applicable in the microbiology lab as it is in our online testing lab.

Chrissy Fike

Lake Runner

Chrissy has her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and previously taught all kinds of music classes, including Music Technology at Missouri Western State University. She started getting into technology with the debut of MIDI back in the day, and then on to HTML, ASP, PHP, and now WordPress.

Holly Johnson

Holly Jolly Xmas

In 2015 Holly went back to school, she now holds an AS degree in Web Development as well as certificates in Web Design, and Digital Marketing. Her first role in the marketing industry was creating email campaigns & coding website redesigns for big names like John Deere & Volvo.

Alex Kahts

Kaht Man

Alex is a new member to the team. All we can divulge at this time is that he's in South Africa and is on a top secret mission to update his bio so we can say a bunch of neat stuff about him other than "He's from South Africa", which is where Marque "Q" is from, so you can't say "He's the guy on the team from South Africa" because everyone will be saying "Who Q?" Then everyone else will say "Bless You".

Eric Pereira

The Green Groom

Eric's powers include using Google, Facebook and other platforms to drive leads all while chewing gum and speaking 3 different languages; English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Rumor has it, he got his powers when bit by a radioactive Co-Ed at FAU, where he received a Marketing Degree in Awesome. Eric loves to travel and plans on visiting all the continents and, for the record, he was not involved with Cloverfield.

Dasha Kochetova

Ad Sleigh-er

She helps our Optimizers with CPC – Google and Bing Ads – optimization for our clients to get the best possible results within their advertising budgets. She obtained a BS in International Economic Relations from Moscow State University of International Relations and has her master’s degree in Psychology.Dasha also has several Google certifications. She resides in (all over) with her fiancé. Dasha loves traveling and has visited 30+ countries. She is also really fond of surfing and snowboarding.

Rob Barratt

The Word Warrior

Growing up in the beautiful northeast of England, Rob studied Quantity Surveying and Law at University, learning how to measure, interpret, and tell the story of data. These skills took him on a journey around the world and he counts himself lucky to have lived in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Macau, and Hong Kong. When he’s not concocting new subject lines or killer content hooks, Rob’s favorite things to do are play soccer, travel to hot, sunny places, and drink flat whites with his partner and their pets Harry (the cat) and Ruby (the dog).

Jelena Janić

Trouble Reaper

Jelena is our bug slayer and general destroyer of trouble. She has a background in law (Rumor is she used to be a lawyer in her hometown of Belgrade, Serbia) and wicked technical skills. When she isn't quashing bugs she uses her powers to help keep the servers and the helpdesk running smooth. Her powers also include writing excellent TPS Reports and bringing new ideas to the table. Don't mention her design and layout skills or CSS and Coding abilities. When you add it up it almost seems like her tech power is to have ALL THE POWERS!

Talha Saleem

Answer Man

Talha is our newest help desk master. With powers that go beyond the technical he has proven to be an invaluable member of the team. Not only does he have expert knowledge of WordPress, but he also has the power to whip servers into shape and dig into the most complex of problems. As if that wasn't enough, he's an expert communicator that not only solves problems but explains the issue in a manner that helps educate users and gives them the knowledge they need to prevent future issues and knock out quick things themselves. A power that gives other people power, a bit OP, but that's common for our team.

Sandi and Tiffani

Our Hidden Heroes

Sandi and Tiffani have been with us since the early days, back when "Mind Worm" was making websites on stone tablets. These two take care of all the stuff hidden in the smoke and shadows. Without them things would grind to a halt. All the "office" stuff that's so critical to every business is in their hands, which makes them critical in ways we can't articulate. You could call them the glue that helps keep this motley crew together and makes sure we dot all our "T"s and cross all our "I"s...

Our Many Sidekicks

AKA - The REAL Heroes

Our team is growing fast, too fast for us to include everyone here on this page. Some of these sidekicks have been critical to our process and have become Heroes to many members of our team. Jen, Alexandra, and all the rest might not have their own fancy headshots (yet) but it's their Technical Powers that let us accomplish the amazing things we do. To our team, these are the real Heroes.

Heroes Wanted

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